Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek

To View Your Student’s Progress Report and Grades 

Go to the skyward.sumnerschools.org website Using the login information given to you at registration, type your username and the password you set at registration. 

Once Logged in you should see a screen that looks similar to this

file 12

At this time, please take a moment to correct or add missing information concerning your email address or completing the registration process. Then click on Gradebook.  

file1 1

Please note that grades posted to the report card are in bold. Current grades are highlighted

The darker color represents the overall grade for the student in that academic subject.   

The lighter areas represent the standards within the academic area.   

The lightest areas are specific assignments or tests given in that reporting period.  To see specifics about an assignment, click on the assignment 

file 14

For more information please go to the link below. 



Student Progress Reports by Skyward


Skyward Online Link