Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek




Student and Parent Handbook


Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek

1338 Drakes Creek Rd

Hendersonville, TN 37075

Telephone: (615) 824-8383

Fax: (615) 824-8448



Principal ……………… Mike Hayes

Assistant Principal ……. Michele Rogers

Guidance Counselor ….. David Delph

     Michelle Mercer





Secretary …………………….. Paula Harris

Bookkeeper ………………….. Jean Cushenberry

Attendance Clerk ……………. Sandy Sessoms

Office Clerk………………….. Amber Carver

Vision and Purpose

The school communicates a vision, a statement of beliefs, and a mission that provides a focus for improving the performance of both the student and the school.

The prevailing mission of our school is visible throughout all that we do here at Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek. Statements are provided to all parents and students as well as posted throughout the building and on our school website. We will revisit our school mission each and every year to make sure that our mission is meeting the expectations of our students, parents and community stakeholders.


  • We believe in striving to provide a stimulating academic environment in which students find both challenge and support.
  • We are committed to high levels of achievement by setting challenging goals for both students and staff through the use of data to continually assess our progress.
  • We believe in students, parents, school employees and community members working collaboratively to challenge the learner to reach their full potential.
  • We provide an environment where the student feels safe and accepted regardless of their background or learning style.
  • We believe in playing an active role in not only the academic achievement of our students but also the character development (respect, responsibility, and personal integrity).


Common Mission

  • The mission of Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek is for all stakeholders to be committed to developing the whole child, by providing a nurturing and safe environment that fosters a rigorous academic and technological curriculum, and that will prepare students to become productive citizens and future leaders.

Shared Vision

  • Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek will provide a supportive learning environment to foster growth of all students’ social, emotional, and academic needs to prepare them to be lifelong learners.







2017-18 Bell Schedule

6:50-7:20                           All Students Report to Gym

7:20                                           Bell (Dismiss to Halls)

7:26                                    Warning Bell

7:30                                           Tardy Bell

7:30-8:15                           1st Period

8:19-9:04                           2nd Period

9:08-9:53                           3rd Period

9:57-10:42                         4th Period

10:46-11:31                       5th Period

11:35-12:55                       6th Period

1st Lunch -11:31 - 11:56

2nd Lunch -12:00 - 12:25

3rd Lunch - 12:30 - 12:55

12:59-1:44                         7th Period

1:48-2:30                           8th Period

2:30                                           Student Dismissal

2:45                                    Teacher Dismissal

*** 7th grade will dismiss on the 11:58 bell for lunch ***

*** 8th grade will dismiss on the 12:27 bell for lunch ***




7:30-8:00                           BRAND - Homerooms

8:04-8:44                           1st Period

8:48-9:28                           2nd Period

9:32-10:12                         3rd Period

10:16-10:56                       4th Period

11:00-11:40                       5th Period

11:44-1:01                         6th Period

1st Lunch - 11:40 - 12:05

2nd Lunch - 12:10 - 12:35

3rd Lunch - 12:36 - 1:01

1:05-1:46                           7th Period

1:50-2:30                           8th Period

*** 7th grade will dismiss on the 12:07 bell for lunch ***

*** 8th grade will dismiss on the 12:35 bell for lunch ***






9:30-9:56                           1st Period

10:00-10:26                       2nd Period

10:30-10:56                       3rd Period

11:00-11:26                       4th Period

11:30-12:55                       5th Period

1st Lunch - 11:30-11:55

2nd Lunch - 12:00-12:25

3rd Lunch - 12:30-12:55

1:02-1:28                           6th Period

1:32-1:58                           7th Period

2:02-2:30                           8th Period




Absences- 9

Procedure to follow when absent- 10

Early Dismissal-10

Tardy from School- 10

Tardy to Class- 10

Access to Students- 10

Accidents- 11

Building Pride- 11

Cell phones- 12

Conferences- 12

Discipline- 12-13

Zero Tolerance Behavior- 14

Dress Code- 15

Disrespectful Conduct- 15

Emergencies Procedures- 16

Exams- 16

Extracurricular Activities- 16

Extracurricular Activity Behavior- 16

Fees- 16

Grading Policy- 17

Guidance Services- 17

Gum- 17

Hall Passes- 17

Hands-Off Policy- 17


Sexual Harassment-18


Cyber Bullying- 18

Honor Roll- 18

Inclement Weather Policy- 19

Inappropriate Language- 19

Insurance- 19

Internet Policy- 19

Leaving School Grounds- 20

Library Policy- 20

Lockers- 20

Lost and Found- 20

Lunch- 20

Make-Up Work- 21

Medications- 21

Messages- 22

Non-Discrimination Policy- 22              

Prohibited Items at School- 22

Publication Rights- 22

School Store- 23

Search of Students and Visitor-23

Selling Items at School- 24

Signs and Posters- 24

Student ID’s- 24

Telephone- 24

Textbooks- 24

Transportation- 24

School Bus Regulations- 25

School Bus Pass- 25

Car Riders- 25

Vandalism- 25

Visitors- 25

Weapons or Dangerous Instruments- 26

School Calendar– 27




To All Mustang Parents and Students,

It truly is my pleasure to welcome you to Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek. We are looking forward to a great 2016-17 school year. Please make sure that you read all of the things that are in this handbook and become familiar with all of our policies, as well as the Sumner County Board of Education policies, which are available online. We look forward to working with all of our parents and students to making this the best school in Sumner County! Thanks and Go Mustangs!

Mike Hayes



Recognizing that absenteeism is a hindrance to education and that the progress of a student at school depends on the regularity of attendance, the Sumner County School Board has adopted the following rules and regulations for grades 6-8 based on the State Compulsory Attendance Law. Any parent, guardian, or other person who has control of a child or children, and who shall violate the provisions of this law shall be guilty of a Class C misdemeanor. Each day’s unlawful absence shall constitute a separate misdemeanor.

A student may have a maximum of five absences per semester that are not verified. School business, in school suspension, and out of school suspension do not count against this five-day limit. After an accumulation of five days of excused absences, the parent/guardian must file more formal documentation with the principal to assure classification as an excused absence (Board Policy JB, K-12). Keep in mind that students who leave school for vacations are losing valuable classroom instruction.  If it is necessary to vacation during the school year, only one trip will be excused. 

After this limit has been exceeded, the parents/guardians will be notified of the child’s absences and the Board policy (JB K-12, JBA). If the absences continue, the Sumner County Schools Attendance Supervisor will be contacted for further actions. If absences persist, consequences may be loss of credit in that class, retention, or a court appearance for violation of the state mandatory attendance law. A total of 12 days absent per semester will subject a child to retention. The principal and the teacher(s) involved will hold a conference with the parents/guardian and a decision will be made according to the provisions of Board Policy IHE, Promotion and Retention.

Please do not call the office for make-up work unless the student has been absent at least three (3) consecutive days. Also, if a student is absent from school, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any school- sponsored activity during the same day, unless it is approved by the administration.


Absent from class- Absences are recorded each class period. Students are considered absent from class if they miss more than one half of a class period.


Excused absence- An absence, tardy, and early dismissal which has written notice from a parent or legal guardian will be considered an excused absence. After the accumulation of five days of excused absences, the parent/guardian must file more formal documentation with the principal to assure classification as an excused absence. A physicians statement will be required if a student misses three consecutive days of school.

Verified absence- An absence, tardy, and early dismissal which may include a student’s personal illness, medical appointment, or hospitalization verified by a licensed physician, dentist or health agency. A verified absence may also include the death of a family member or a required court appearance. Prior administrative approval must be obtained for recognized religious holidays, non-family deaths, or other extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student.


School business- An absence, tardy, and early dismissal directly related to a school activity that has been approved by the principal. The student is considered present at school if attending school related activities.

Unexcused absence- An absence, tardy, and early dismissal which does not have documentation of any kind or does not meet valid reasons for an absence will be considered an unexcused absence.


The student must bring a written excuse note signed by a parent or guardian, stating the child’s full name, grade, date(s) of the absence(s), reason for the absence, and a daytime phone number so we can verify the note.

  1. The student should obtain an absentee note from the attendance office before 7:25 a.m. so the student will not be late to first period.       The student will not be admitted to class without this note.
  2. The student has a maximum of three (3) school days to bring a note or documentation for an excused absence. Failure to comply will result in an unexcused absence and the student will receive a zero for all work missed.
  3. Any class work missed must be made up at the teacher’s convenience. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher concerning a make-up schedule. This should be done before or after class. All work must be completed prior to the next grading period. The teacher will allow three (3) days to turn in make-up work.


If it is necessary for a student to leave early, the parent/guardian must come in the office to sign out the student. The student will not be called from a class until the parent is in the office to pick up the child. If a student becomes ill at school, school personnel will assist the student in contacting a parent/guardian. Only the parent/guardian or someone the parent/guardian designates may sign out the student. It is a parent’s responsibility to notify the office if this information changes during the school year.  In cases where custody is an issue, we must have copies of any pertinent legal paperwork.  Upon returning to school, the student must obtain an absentee note from the office to be admitted to class. A note from a parent/guardian should be presented at this time to excuse or verify the absence from class.

It is state and county regulation that students are not released during school hours unless actually delivered into the custody of the child’s parents or persons acknowledged on the emergency contact list. We will not comply with any request for release of the child contrary to these regulations.


Any student not in his or her first period class by the 7:30 a.m. bell is considered late to school and must check in through the office. The student must have a note from the attendance office to be admitted to class. Tardies to school may be verified, excused, or unexcused in the same manner as absences. Excessive tardiness will be considered a discipline problem because of the disruption to class. Following the fifth unexcused tardy, and every tardy thereafter, students will be issued a detention by their respective administrator. If the problem persists, the matter may be turned over to the Sumner County Schools Attendance Supervisor for further action.


Students are expected to be in class when the tardy bell rings. Students who have a valid pass from an administrator, the attendance clerk, counselor or other teacher will not be counted as tardy.

After teacher has warned students in each class period (2-8), students will receive a detention per every tardy.



Under the law, school officials are required to remain neutral in their contacts with parents who are separated or divorced. The faculty and staff of Knox Doss Middle School are committed to preserving the emotional well being of each student and to protecting him or her from undue emotional stress when separated or divorced parents cannot agree on school related issues. Under ordinary circumstances, both the custodial and non-custodial parent has equal access to the student’s school records. Both parents are granted equal status relative to the education of their child.

In some cases, a court decree may be issued that limits or restricts a parent’s rights in educational matters. Please be advised that the Sumner County Board of Education will grant equal parent access to school records (and to eligible children) unless a court order is provided specifying any special conditions, which may exist. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide the school principal the court order, if one exists.



Every accident or injury in the school building, on the school grounds, at practice sessions or at any school-sponsored event must be reported immediately to the school personnel in charge and to the main office.


Students arriving at Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek before 7:20 a.m. should report to the gymnasium. There is no eating or drinking in the gymnasium. Students are not allowed to go to their locker before the 7:20 a.m. bell. Cell phones, iPod’s, and MP3 players must be turned off at the 7:20 a.m. bell.

It is a student’s responsibility to make arrangements a day in advance to make up work or receive extra help from a teacher in the mornings before class. A permission note from the teacher is required in order to meet the teacher in the classroom.



We are very proud of our school building and facilities. We urge each and every student to take pride in his or her school and campus. It will require each of us taking responsibility to keep our campus neat and clean. Students who destroy or deface school property are responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing the property. Further disciplinary action may be necessary.


KDDC faculty and staff have joined thousands of other schools across the country, as well as many other middle and elementary schools here in Sumner County, in the implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. All faculty and staff have been trained in the recognition of bullying behaviors, strategies for intervention, and a follow up procedure on students who are being bullied in a caring and supportive way.  The program here at KDDC, BRAND- Building Relationships And Nurturing Development, implements bi-weekly class meetings as a way for students to connect with their classmates and teachers and continue to foster an environment of team and community within our school.

"B.R.A.N.D" Time  (Building Relationships And Nurturing Development) meetings involve our teachers, students, school staff, parents, and the community all as pieces of the puzzle that are involved in the character development of our students and the prevention of any bullying behaviors at our school.     Please contact your child's homeroom teacher or an administrator if you have any questions regarding our program or ever have any concerns regarding your student.



Students are prohibited from using or having cellular telephones on their person during the school day. Absolutely no picture taking, video, or text messaging during school hours. Cell phones must be turned off and placed in lockers or personal item belonging to the student.

Students may carry cell phones while participating in off-campus activities, such as field trips, if specifically authorized by the teacher and principal. Principals may authorize the use of personal cell phones in the event of an emergency or serious situation.

The first time a cell phone is confiscated from a student, a warning will be issued and the phone will be returned to the student at the end of the day. The second time a cell phone is confiscated from a student an administrator will hold the phone until it can be picked up by the parent/guardian. Future offenses will result in disciplinary action.

Students who bring cell phone pictures or video to school and use in a manner to incite disorderly conduct or convey material that is unsuitable for the school environment will be punished by their respective administrator. Students should never use the picture or video feature on their cell phone while on school property.




Parent and teacher conferences can occur before school, after school or during teachers’ planning time. Please make appointments, by email, a day or two in advance. Parents wishing to schedule an IEP meeting should contact the Special Education teacher assigned to the student’s grade. Conferences will always take place in the front office.


Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek has a school-wide discipline plan that includes school and classroom rules, consequences, and rewards.


  • Must be Responsible
  • Must be Respectful
  • Must be Safe



Minor Offenses

  • First offense = warning from teachers
  • Second offense = contact parent/guardian
  • Third offense = detention and parent contact

Major Offenses

  • Office referral – Discipline determined by Administration and parent contact


  • Mustang Moolah
  • Verbal/Written praise
  • Individual awards
  • Class-wide rewards to be assigned by the teacher
  • Grade-level rewards
  • School-wide reward


Detention- Detentions are held in the main office. Students need to bring work to detention. Eating, sleeping or talking is not allowed in detention. Failure to serve a detention by the third day will result in one day of ISS.

Detention Schedule

Morning Detention: Monday-Friday 6:45 a.m.-7:25 a.m.

Afternoon Detention: Monday-Thursday 2:35 p.m.-3:15 p.m.

In School Suspension (ISS) - The student is placed in an isolated, supervised situation and will be expected to continue regular classroom assignments. The student is counted as present at school and is granted credit for all work completed. If the student’s conduct is deemed inappropriate while in ISS, additional days may be recommended or the administration may exercise its right to place the student in out-of-school suspension for the remainder of the ISS days.

Students assigned to ISS will not be allowed to participate in school dances for the rest of the semester in which the student served ISS.


Out of School Suspension (OSS) - When behavior becomes detrimental to the good order of the school, it may become necessary to suspend a student from school and its activities for a period not to exceed ten (10) consecutive days. Students will be allowed to make- up their work during a suspension.

Out of School Suspension may result from, but not limited to the following violations:

  1. Willful and persistent violation of the rules of the school or truancy;
  2. Immoral or disreputable conduct or vulgar or profane language;
  3. Violence or threatened violence against any person or any personnel attending or assigned to any public school;
  4. Willful or malicious damage to real or personal property of any person attending or assigned to said school;
  5. Inciting, advising, or counseling of others to engage in any of the acts, herein before enumerated;
  6. Marking, defacing, or destroying school property;
  7. Possession of a pistol, gun, or firearm on school property;
  8. Possession of a knife, etc., on school property;
  9. Assaulting a principal or teacher with vulgar, obscene, or threatening language;
  10. Unlawful use or possession of barbital or illegal drugs;
  11. Any other conduct prejudicial to good order or discipline in any public school.

Students assigned to OSS will not be allowed to participate in school dances for the rest of the semester in which the student served OSS.

Corporal Punishment- In compliance with the “School Discipline Act” (49-9-103 Tennessee Code Annotated) a principal or assistant principal may administer corporal punishment to any pupil when deemed necessary. The Sumner Board of Education allows use of corporal punishment; however, at Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek, all other possible solutions and disciplinary measures will be tried first.



In order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment free of drugs, drug paraphernalia, violence, and dangerous weapons, any student who engages in the following behaviors will be subject to suspension for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year:

  1. Students who bring, use, are under the influence of, or found in possession of a drug, drug paraphernalia, or dangerous weapon onto a school bus, on school property, or at any school event or activity on or off campus;
  2. Any student who, while on a school bus, on school property, or while attending any school event or activity on or off campus         
    1. Uses or is under the influence of a drug; alcohol, or illegal substance; or
    2. Possesses a drug, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, an illegal substance, or dangerous weapon; or
    3. Assaults or threatens to assault a teacher, student or any other person.


Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek expects our students to dress and be groomed in such a way as to not distract or cause disruption in the educational program or orderly operation of the school. When, in the opinion of the administration and staff, a student is not dressed appropriately or exhibits grooming which is considered detrimental to the educational environment, appropriate action shall be taken. Therefore clothing deemed distracting, revealing, overly suggestive or otherwise disruptive will not be permitted.

The following shall NOT be worn at school:

  • Leggings – unless they are worn under a shirt or dress that is not higher than three inches from the bend of the knee.
  • Saggy or sagging pants- pants are to be belted at the waist. Pants must not drag the floor.
  • Spandex or Yoga pants
  • Holes in clothes - permanent patches must be covering holes of garment. Wearing long undergarments does not make holes acceptable.
  • Suggestive slogans, vulgar captions or pictures, advertisements for drug, tobacco, or alcohol products on clothes.
  • Caps, hats, scarves bands, bandanas, or any other head dressings
  • Form fitting or body conforming clothes. Clothes must be worn that are sized to fit appropriately. Excessively tight or baggy clothing is unacceptable.
  • Bare midriffs, halters, fishnet, or tank tops
  • Pajamas or scrubs
  • Revealing necklines
  • Cleated shoes, roller shoes (Heelies) or bedroom slippers
  • Extreme hair color or hair styles, feathers

In addition, the following guidelines shall be enforced:

  • Cut off shorts are not permitted.
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses must not be higher than three inches from the bend of the back of the knee. This policy also includes the slits in the skirt and dress. Wearing leggings under shorts, skirts and dresses does not permit a student to break the three inch rule.
  • No writing on the seat of the pants
  • Shoulders must be covered with sleeves. Middle school requires “capped” sleeves
  • No tinted glasses or sunglasses, unless doctor prescribed. Sunglasses should not be worn on the head.
  • No body piercing except for earrings may be worn during school hours
  • Jewelry must not be distracting, disruptive, or unsafe, including dog collars
  • Valuable clothes and jewelry are discouraged
  • Students are not to write or draw on themselves in any way that distracts them or other students from learning.
  • Clothing carrying negative statements against any person or group is disruptive to learning and is not allowed.

A student in violation of the dress code must change or will spend the day in isolation after attempts have been made to notify parents. Repeated violation of the dress code will result in disciplinary action from the administration.



Students are expected to be respectful and courteous to all school personnel. Disrespect toward any employee will be considered a serious infraction and will result in severe disciplinary action. Students found guilty of hitting or pushing an employee must appear before the Sumner County School Disciplinary Committee.


Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek has a comprehensive emergency plan, which is practiced and reviewed annually. Basic contingencies include the following:

  1. In drills requiring students to exit the building (fire, bomb threat, etc.) everyone should move quietly and quickly to the designated exits, move away from the building to their designated areas.
  2. In severe weather (high winds, tornado, etc.) drills, everyone should report to the hallways and assume the safety position per directions given.
  3. In the event of a lockdown, everyone (students, employees, and guests) should remain in place. If you are in a hallway, enter the nearest classroom and remain there until told to do otherwise. Your safety and the safety of others may depend on your responding as directed during a lock down.


Semester exams will be given at the end of each semester and count 10% of the student’s final semester grade. Semester exams will not be given early under any circumstances. Any student who misses an exam due to unexcused absence or does not make-up an exam within the allotted timeframe will receive a zero on the exam.








Beta Club

Student Council

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)




Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek offers a variety of extracurricular activities after normal school hours. Students who attend these events are expected to be in and stay at the correct location throughout the activity. Students who attend athletic events are expected to remain at the field or in the gym. All dress code rules of the school are in effect at athletic events, school dances and other extracurricular activities.


The Sumner County Board of Education has approved that no fees will need to be paid by parents/guardians for the 2017-2018 school year.


Progress reports will be sent home at the mid-point of each nine-week grading period. The progress report is not a guarantee of the student’s final grades but an indicator of academic progress.

Report cards will be sent home every nine weeks.   Report cards must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the first period teacher within three school days. Failure to do so will result in the first period teacher calling home to make sure the parent is aware of grades.

The Sumner County Board of Education has set the following grading scale for use by all middle schools:

A         93-100             1st Semester Grade               2nd Semester Grade              Full Year

B          85-92               1st Nine Weeks Grade = 45%    3rd Nine Weeks Grade = 45%    1st Sem. 50%

C          75-84               2nd Nine Weeks Grade = 45%   4th Nine weeks Grade = 45%     2nd Sem. 50%

D         70-74               Exam = 10%                            Exam = 10%

F          Below 70                                                         


Students are encouraged to use the services of the guidance counselors. A counselor is available to help students and parent with educational, vocational, personal and social needs. This service is provided in an atmosphere of friendship, cooperation and confidentiality.

The guidance counselor works with students individually and in small groups. Parents, teachers and students may refer a student to the counselor. Students who need to see the counselor should schedule an appointment and let the counselor send for them at the earliest time available. Students who wait around, without an appointment, in the hope of having a conference are not considered to have a legitimate reason to miss or be tardy to class.


In an effort to protect the cleanliness of Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek, gum is not permissible. Students caught chewing gum will receive disciplinary action.



Students must carry a designated hall pass while in the hallway during class time.


Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek adheres to a hands-off policy. Physical contact or any public display of affection is not appropriate at school and will be considered a disciplinary infraction. The hands-off policy also includes horseplay between students, which many times lead to physical or verbal altercations.


Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek is committed to safeguarding the right of all students to learn and work in an environment that is free from all forms of sexual harassment, harassment and bullying. We insist that all students and employees be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times. Any person who believes he or she has witnessed or been the victim of harassment or bullying should report the incident immediately to a teacher, guidance counselor or administrator. It is essential that students report information about every instance of such conduct in a timely manner.


Sexual harassment toward any student will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcomed and unwanted sexual behavior or conduct whether verbal, physical or visual, which create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

Sexual harassment may include but is not limited to:

  1. Physical contact, such as hugging, kissing, grabbing, pinching, patting, brushing against, touching or blocking one’s path or egress;
  2. Implicit or explicit sexual propositions, requests, demands or other forms of pressure for sexual favors or dates; especially when accompanied by implied or overt promises of preferential treatment with regard to an individual’s employment or educational status;
  3. Sexually suggestive or degrading remarks, including jokes, kidding or teasing;
  4. Unwelcomed verbal or physical flirtation, sexual gestures or comments, or comments about another person’s body or appearance; including touching oneself sexually or talking about ones sexual activities in front of others;
  5. Vulgar or obscene language;
  6. Display of sexually explicit or offensive printed or visual material, including but not limited to photographs, calendars, graffiti, cartoons, emails, drawings or notes including making and playing sexually explicit audio/video tapes;
  7. Demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied or overt threats concerning an individual’s employment or educational status;
  8. Spreading rumors about or rating other individuals as to sexual activity or performance.


No child should be subjected to bullying by another student or group of students.  Bullying is any word, look, sign or act that intimidates a person, excludes a person, or intentionally hurts a person’s body, feelings or things. Bullying may include but is not limited to gossiping, spreading rumors, teasing, eye rolling, name calling, intimidating, harassing, hitting, and pushing.


Cyber Bullying is verbal harassment using electronic forms of contact. Cyber Bullying can take many forms, which may include the following:

  • An unwelcomed or threatening instant message or e-mail
  • An unwelcomed or threatening text message
  • Repeated text messages or phone calls
  • A website set up to mock, rate, or poll others
  • Bullying others in online chat rooms
  • “Borrowing” someone’s screen name and pretending to be them while posting a message.
  • Forwarding supposedly private messages, pictures, or video of others.
  • Social networking sites, including MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Live Journal and Xanga, used to harass others

Students who violate the privacy or defame the character of others will be disciplined. In addition, the school may consider these actions as a form of bullying, which falls under the harassment policy of the Sumner County Board of Education.


Knox Doss at Drakes Creek recognizes student’s success in the classroom with the Honor Roll. Related arts classes are always included when calculating honor rolls.

  • A Honor Roll- Student receives all A’s on the report card
  • A/B Honor Roll- Student receives all A’s and B’s on the report card


Inclement weather sometimes causes delayed school openings, early dismissals or closings. Parents are advised to monitor radio or television stations for announcements related to school closings during inclement weather.

If inclement weather causes a delayed school opening or early dismissal, we will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • When school is delayed opening due to inclement weather students will always report to the class period specified by the principal.
  • When school is dismissed early there will be no practices or club meetings held that day.       All students will be dismissed and must leave school grounds.

Emergency dismissal information should be listed on each child’s registration card to explain how your child will get home in an emergency dismissal. If this information is not on file, the student will be sent home on the bus that serves his or her area.


Inappropriate language, either verbal or written, should not be used at any time at school or at any school-sponsored activity. Use of inappropriate language at school will result in the student receiving disciplinary action by the administration. Use of such language at a school activity may result in the student being removed from the activity and not being allowed to attend other such activities.


Parents, please be advised that neither the Sumner County Board of Education or Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek provide accidental insurance coverage for your student: however, insurance is made available to purchase for any student attending Sumner County Schools. Parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of this or any insurance covering the student. If you do not have sufficient insurance coverage, it is recommended that you examine this policy. A brochure will be provided at the beginning of the school year and is available throughout the year in the office.



Students are permitted to access the Internet only with a signed technology use agreement form on file and the permission of a supervising staff member. Internet permission is reflected on each student’s library card, which must be carried with the student to use the Internet at school.

Use of the Internet shall be consistent with the Sumner County School Board policies and objectives. The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in cancellation of those privileges. Students are prohibited from the following actions when using a computer at school:

  1. Accessing e-mail or chat rooms;
  2. Storing personal files or data;
  3. Installing or removing software;
  4. Modifying system settings;
  5. Introducing resource-draining applications;
  6. Bypassing existing security restrictions;
  7. Accessing other Internet services;
  8. Publishing inappropriate content; or
  9. Viewing threatening, obscene, or objectionable materials.


Students should not leave the school building without permission of the administration. Class activities supervised by the teacher will sometimes occur outside the building. Also, there may be times when school-wide activities will take place outside.

At no time should a student leave school campus without checking out in the main office. Once a student arrives at school, the student may not leave campus without permission from a parent/guardian and approval from the main office.


The library is open daily from 7:20 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. Students must have a pass from their teacher to come to the library during normal school hours. Books checked-out by a student are the responsibility of the student. When a student returns a book, he/she may check-out another book. Lost and/or damaged materials are the responsibility of the student to replace. (Report cards and records will be withheld at the end of the year, if all charges have not been paid).

  1. Students may check out two books at a time for two weeks with one renewal for each book. Students will not be allowed to check out new material if they have fines or overdue materials.
  2. Fines for overdue books accrue at $0.05 per day starting the second day the book is late. There is no charge for day where school is not in session or for excused absences.       Fines may be paid in full or by installment.
  3. Overdue and fine notices are sent out every two weeks through first period teachers.
  4. Missing books will be paid for at the replacement price.       If the book is found at a later time, a refund will be issued to the student minus any fine that had already accrued.
  5. Report cards may be held for students with library fines or overdue book more than a month old.
  6. The library is open daily from 7:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. with additional time added as needed for projects.



Each student will be assigned a school locker to be accessed over the course of the school year. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Each student is responsible for the appearance and care of his/her locker. Stickers or inappropriate materials may not be displayed in lockers. Lockers are the property of the school; therefore, they are subject to inspection at any time by the school administration.



Lost and found items should be turned in to the main office. Lost textbooks and workbooks will be returned to the appropriate teacher. Valuables (purse, wallet, phone, etc.) will be kept in the main office. Clothing will be sent to a designated area to be determined later. Students will not get an excused tardy note to class to look through lost and found.


Weekly lunch menus can be viewed on our website at This menu allows you to choose between bringing lunch from home and purchasing from the cafeteria. Student lunches cost $3.05 per day. This price includes one entrée, fruit, vegetable and milk. Ala carte items vary from $0.50-$1.00 each.

Students should be quiet and orderly while going to and from the cafeteria for lunch. Students should not return to their classroom for any reason, unless given permission from a teacher or administrator. Purses or valuables should not be left in the classroom during lunch. Any student outside the cafeteria without permission during their lunch period will face disciplinary action.

The serving area must be quiet and orderly for the lines to run efficiently. There is to be no talking except to cafeteria staff, no cutting in line, and no horseplay of any kind in the serving area. While in the eating area, students must remain seated except for disposing of trash and returning trays. Sack lunches from home are allowed but students cannot bring in food from outside competitive food companies (McDonalds, Subway, etc.).

Students can put money into their lunch account before the school day begins. Checks should be payable to Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek Cafeteria. The student’s name and ID number should appear on the check. Any student who believes he or she would qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch rates can pick up a form in the office and return it to the cafeteria manager. Students are allowed to charge two lunches before paying the charges. Payment for a lunch charge is due the next school day. Meal Pay plus is an option for putting money into your students account. Please visit our website for more details.



It is the student’s responsibility to ask each teacher for the work missed upon returning to class. Students will have all make-up work for verified and excused absences completed and turned in no later than three days after the absence. Teachers may extend this limit for absences of more than four consecutive days or for other extenuating circumstances. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for this extension.

Tests that are missed due to a verified or excused absence must be made up before or after regular school hours at the teacher’s discretion. The student should request a make-up time the first day he or she returns from an absence.

Long-term projects which are due during a student’s absence must be turned in the day the student returns to school. Failure to turn in these projects will result in a late grade of minus ten points (one letter grade) per day.


School personnel will only administer medications, which must be given during normal school hours. Any medications that should be administered three times a day can be given at home before school, after school and in the evening. Students should never have any medication, including aspirin, Tylenol or Motrin, on themselves, in their locker, or in their possession while on school property. Board policy allows a student to keep an inhaler with them at all times provided this in authorized through the office. All permission for long-term medication shall be renewed at least annually. All changes in prescription medication, such as any increase or decrease in the amount given, must be accompanied by written authorization from the physician. The school nurse will review all medications.

The form, Permission for Administration of Non-Prescription Medicine, is available in the office and must be filled out and signed by the parent before any non-prescription medication will be given at school. Non-prescription medication must be in the original unopened container and instructions from the student’s parent/guardian for administering the meds must be included.

The form, Permission for Administration of Prescription Medicine, is available in the office and must be filled out and signed by the doctor and parent before any prescription medication will be given at school. Prescription medication must be in the original, pharmacy-labeled container with the student’s name, type of medication, dosage, and the doctor’s name.



As a general rule, the office will relay only emergency messages from a parent or guardian during the school day.  If possible, non-emergency messages will be delivered to students at the end of the school day.

Please send any change in transportation arrangements in a note to the office in the morning.  Students are responsible for knowing how they will go home each dayTransportation arrangements should not be made over the phone, except in emergencies. Many times the same parent will call one or two times a week to change instructions.  This is very confusing to the child and causes an unnecessary disturbance to the child’s time at school. 



It is the policy of the Sumner County Schools System not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, or handicap in its educational programs or activities. The following are responsible for coordinating and monitoring activities necessary for compliance with Title VI of the Civil rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Ms. Selena Elmore

Section 504 Coordinator

Sumner County Schools

695 East Main Street

Gallatin, TN 37066

(615) 451-6598

Ms. Norma Dam

ADA Coordinator

Sumner County Schools

695 East Main Street

Gallatin, TN 37066

(615) 451-5423

Ms. Katie Brown

Mr. Shawn Curtis

Title VI and IX Coordinator

Sumner County Schools

695 East Main Street

Gallatin, TN 37066

(615) 451-5227


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of handicap. Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. Title VI of the Civil rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) afford parents certain rights with respect to the student’s education records. Information regarding these rights is available in the guidance office.



Problems arise each year because students bring items to school that are not necessary for class. These items may be a safety hazard or interfere with the smooth operation of school. Items such as skateboards, I-pods, electronic games, CD players, headphones, toys, laser pointers, shocking devices, playing cards, dice, hacky sacks and any other items that are a distraction may be taken up from the student. The administration will determine if the confiscated items will be returned to the student at the end of day or the parent or guardian will be required to pick-up the item(s). The school does not assume responsibility for any personal property, which has been confiscated, should the items be lost, damaged, or stolen. Any property not retrieved by the end of the school year will be donated to local organizations.  


Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek reserves the right to publish and release students’ names and pictures in an effort to promote their success in academics, athletics and extracurricular activities.   Students’ names and pictures may be released through the Internet, newspapers, school website, yearbook, and other forms of the media. Permission and release of Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek from liability resulting from or connected with publication of such work and information is assumed granted unless the school receives written notification to the contrary by the parent or guardian.



Knox Doss Middle School requires the following information in order to enroll your child:

  1. Two proofs of residence in our school zone- Each proof of residence should have the legal guardian’s name and current address. The residency of a student is where the legal guardian or parent resides.  This does not include family members or childcare providers. A copy of such verifications shall become a part of the student’s record and shall be updated each year.  When a student moves, it is the student’s (parent’s) responsibility to notify the principal and to provide the required proof of change of residence (Board Policy JBCCA).
  2. Birth Certificate - The Sumner County Board of Education requires all students to present a certified copy of the birth certificate at the time of registration. This copy should have a state identification number at the top. A mother's copy or hospital certificate of live birth is not acceptable.   A school copy will be made for the child's record.
  3. Tennessee Immunization Record (Health Card) - An official State of Tennessee record card, signed by the health provider (doctor or Health Department) must be given to the school prior to school attendance. Students who do not have the official state health card will not be permitted to attend school.
  4. Custody papers (if applicable)
  5. Photo identification for custodial verification
  6. Withdrawal information from previous school, if available

In the event that a student is improperly enrolled in a particular school district, the parent or guardian shall be notified that the student will be asked to leave the school or school district in five school days and enroll in the correct school or school district, unless the legal guardian can procure credible evidence that the student is correctly enrolled in said school or school district.  (Board Policy JBCCA)



The Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek store is available to students or parents to purchase KDDC Spirit Wear.



Any principal, or his designee, having reasonable cause for a search may search any student, place or thing on school property, including buses, if he receives information which would cause a reasonable belief that the search will lead to the discovery of:

  1. Evidence of any violation of school rules or regulation or proper standards of student or faculty conduct;
  2. Any object of substance, which because of its presence presents an immediate danger of harm or illness to any person; or
  3. Evidence of any violation of the law.

All of the following standards of reasonableness shall be met:

  1. A particular student has violated school policy;
  2. The search will yield evidence of the violation of school policy or will lead to disclosure of a dangerous weapon or drug;
  3. The search is in pursuit of legitimate interests of the school in maintaining order, discipline, safety, supervision and education of students; and
  4. The primary purpose of the search is not to collect evidence for a criminal prosecution.

The student using a locker that is the property of the school system has no right to privacy in that locker or its contents. All lockers or other storage areas provided for student use on school premises remain the property of the school system and are provided for the use of students subject to inspection, access for maintenance and search.



The principal must approve all merchandise sold at school by a student in advance. Failure to do this will result in the confiscation of the merchandise. The merchandise will be returned to the student’s parent/guardian.



Any signs or posters placed in the building must have approval from the administration. Nothing should be placed on doors.


                                                         STUDENT ID’S

Every student is provided an ID at the beginning of the school year. All students are required to wear student ID’s at all times on school furnished lanyards only. Replacement ID’s will be made in the library each morning beginning at 7:20 FOR $5. Failure to wear the ID will result in a detention.



Students’ use of the telephone is limited to approval of calls to a parent or guardian. Approval must come from an administrator or office personnel. Students are required to sign-in prior to using the phone. Students should make calls between classes only and with teacher permission. Office personnel will not excuse a tardy to class because a student is in the office using the phone. The office telephones are for school business and not for student’s personal use.


All textbooks are furnished by the Sumner County Board of Education. Students are expected to take care of their books and return them in good condition at the end of the school year. Students are not to mark or damage books in any way. Students must pay for any loss or damage to books. In order to obtain a second book, payment must have been received on the first (lost) book unless arrangements have been made with an administrator.




It is a privilege to ride a Sumner County school bus. This privilege depends on the student’s behavior and observance of the bus rules. These rules exist for the safety of everyone on the bus. The principal may suspend a student’s right and privilege of transportation due to misconduct or misbehavior of each student in route to and from school.

  1. The driver is in full charge of the bus and the students.
  2. Students should be on time at the bus stop. The buses are on a tight schedule and cannot wait for students who are late.      
  3. Students must get on and off the bus at their assigned bus stop.
  4. Students should not stand in the road while waiting for the bus.
  5. Students should occupy the space designated for them on the bus by the driver.
  6. Students must keep aisles and exits clear.
  7. Students should not be out of their seats or making excessive noise.
  8. Students must keep their arms, hands, and head inside the bus at all times.
  9. Students should not throw any objects on the bus or outside the bus windows.
  10. Students cannot carry anything on the bus that won’t fit on their lap. Flowers, balloons and breakable objects are not allowed.  
  11. All school and Sumner County Board of Education rules and regulations are in effect when students are on the school bus.

Violations of bus rules will result in the student being suspended from the bus for a specified time. Persistent violation of bus rules will result in a student losing the privilege of riding the bus for the remainder of the school year. Bus suspensions are considered a serious matter and will be reported to the Director of Transportation and the School Board. Transportation to and from school then becomes the sole responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian.


We are happy to accommodate your written requests to have your child ride a different bus or ride to a different location as long as the following criteria are met:

    1. The student must turn in a written note into the office prior to 7:25 a.m. containing the following information:
  1. The student’s name and address
  2. Parent’s name and phone number
  3. The address of the destination
  4. The bus number the student will ride
  5. Date(s) the student will ride
    1. Students will not be allowed to make calls home to arrange for bus passes. All arrangements and the written notification must be taken care of prior to the school day beginning.
    2. All requests for riding a bus are subject to the capacity of the bus in question. If a bus has a full route, no extra students will be allowed to ride.


If you are a car rider in the morning or the afternoon, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All car riders should be dropped off and picked up at the main entrance of the school. Do not drop off or pick up your child in front of the gym or at a side entrance of the school.
  • Advise the driver to pull forward as far as possible.       Stopping directly in front of the main entrance doors does not allow as many cars to load/unload at the same time and slows down the lines.
  • Be careful when entering and exiting your car.
  • In the afternoon, students should pay attention for your vehicle in the car rider lines.



Any damage or destruction to school property or other students’ property will result in immediate disciplinary action. In addition to the punishment, the student will be required to pay for repairing or replacing the damaged item.

Any person, who has witnessed vandalism or believes he or she has information regarding vandalism, should immediately report the incident to a teacher or administrator.



All parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit our school. We do require that visitors enter the building through the main office, sign in and wear a name tag while visiting. For safety reasons, never open an outside door for a visitor. Strangers without visitor name tags should be reported to the office immediately. Parents may visit classrooms only with an appointment with the teacher and the advance permission of the principal; however, parents may not eat lunch with their student in the cafeteria during lunch hours. Students from other schools or school systems are not allowed to visit during school hours, including lunch.

The principal or designee has the authority to exclude from the school premises any persons disrupting the educational program in the classroom or in the school, disturbing the teacher or children on the premises, or on the premises for the purpose of committing an illegal act.


The Sumner County Board of Education has zero tolerance for weapons. Any student found to have brought a weapon to school or is found in possession of a weapon on school property shall be immediately removed from the general student population and shall be expelled from attending Sumner County Schools for a minimum period of one calendar year. When deemed necessary, a disciplinary committee may recommend expulsion longer than one year.

When a student is determined to be a Special Education student, an M-Team meeting, which shall include the Director of Schools, or his designee, will be called to determine the appropriate disciplinary action. The Director may modify the expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis; the Director must report each case to the Board at its next regular meeting where appropriate criminal charges will be brought against the student and parents/guardians.

Any student who brings to school or who is found is possession on school property of any dangerous instrument will be immediately removed from the general student population. Within five school days, a disciplinary committee will recommend the disposition, including possible expulsion, of the student. The Director or School may modify the recommendation on a case-by-case basis. The Director must report each case to the Board at its next regular meeting.

Toy weapons or facsimiles will not be permitted on school grounds. The principal will suspend students who possess toy weapons or facsimiles of weapons including water guns. Student in grades K-5 will be suspended for a time commensurate with age, maturity level, and intent as determined by the principal. The principal shall report his/her action to the Director. Depending on the circumstances, he may refer a student possessing a toy weapon or facsimile including a water gun to the Disciplinary Committee (see item 15 below) for disposition as determined by the committee.

The term weapon shall be defined as any instrument used to cause harm to another person. The term dangerous instrument shall include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Knives
  • Box cutters
  • Razor blades
  • Clubs or police batons
  • Pellet guns
  • Paint ball guns
  • BB guns
  • Brass knuckles
  • Chains
  • Ice picks
  • Spiked wrist bands
  • Any object used in such a manner that could cause bodily harm or inflict damage to property
  • Any explosive device including but not limited to fireworks
  • Any firearm
  • Any item which could be perceived to be a dangerous instrument

This is not an all-inclusive list; therefore, the principal shall use his/her discretion in ascertaining whether an object is a weapon as defined in this policy. Each case, regardless of the circumstances, must be reported to the Director of Schools. Full documentation is required including written statements from all witnesses. The principal shall notify the parents/guardians of any student in violation of this policy.

The use of weapons and dangerous instruments in school plays, school bands, or any other school activity is prohibited unless sanctioned in advance and in writing by the Director of Schools.